Remote presentation format (online )

  • 8000 rubles
  • For students / graduate students 4000 rubles

Face-to-face presentation (in-person )

  • 6000 rubles
  • For students / graduate students 3000 rubles

If among the co-authors of the article (report) there is at least one “degreed” (candidate of science, doctor of science) participant, then the registration fee will be 8000 rubles. (from a remote presentation) and 6000 rubles. (from the in-person presentation).

Full-time format of participation (participation without presentation)

  • 5000 rubles
    For students / graduate students 2500 rubles

The following are exempt from payment of the registration fee:

  • Conference honoured guests;
    Participants who received special invitations from the Organizational or
    Program committees of the conference.

Memo for Participants

  1. In the case of full-time (or remote) participation in the Conference, payment is ONCE PER ARTICLE (REPORT), regardless of the number of co-authors.
  2. If you have full-time participation without a report (as a listener), but you want to submit several articles, then your registration fee will be 6000 rubles. (3000 rubles for students and graduate students).

The organizers cannot provide an opportunity to pay the registration fee in cash.

The decision on the possibility of publication remains with the reviewer!

Registration fees can be paid using the details available on the button below.

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